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Vastu Tips for Business Growth: Simple and Quick Results


Are you facing a client’s issue? Does your leads buy your product/services? Are you at a loss despite working hard? looking for business growth? If your answer is Yes! then probably your vastu is not aligned to the outcome you want. 

Top Vastu Tips for Offices and Business Growth

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu shastra (Science of Architecture) is made up of 5 elements i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Space. Each object on the planet is made up of these 5 elements. Combination of these 5 elements creates life experience of a person residing in that space / working in that space.
Below are a few recommended strategies to achieve business sales growth, attract more clients, and overcome payment obstacles. When incorporating these vastu tips for business growth can benefit you by enhancing the energy  of your space and boost your success .
  1. Owner should sit in the south west direction of the office for stability in business. He should face open space not a wall as it blocks creativity. He should not sit under a structural beam.
  2. The space owned/rented shall be favorable to owners & partners astrological charts.
  3. By incorporating the owner’s astrological chart into our interior design process, we create customized tables which include dimensions, material that align with their energy and promote a positive atmosphere.
  4. To optimize the working environment, it is advantageous to arrange professionals from different departments so that they are seated facing their respective favorable directions.
  5. More opening towards the north brings more opportunities.
  6. Accountants should sit in the south east zone of the office for continuous cash flow.
  7. Certificates and trophies should be displayed in the south zone of the office for fame and recognition in the world.
  8. lockers should be kept in the south west zone of the premises. 
  9. Mandir is an important factor in the office. This should be designed in the NE zone.
  10. There should be no toilet in the NE, SE, SW, NW zone of the office as it disturbs peace and harmony.
  11. As per Vastu, entrance should be in an auspicious zone of any 4 directions.
  12. It is important to keep the central area of the space empty because it is where the energy is generated.
  13. Desks should be kept clean and organized to avoid confusion and messiness.
  14. Natural plants should be in the North direction. It increases profit and increases client flow.
  15. Entrance should be attractive , decorative and well lit.
  16. According to Vastu shastra for business one should never keep broken furniture , stationery art , or painting in the space.
  17. Avoid having a kitchen in the North, North–east zone of the premises.
  18. Colors should be according to zones or else it can make losses, increase in debt, decrease in market value, stop client flow. Avoid dark colors in large areas.
  19. Avoid sad paintings/art/quotes.
  20. Place inspirational quotes in  and around desks to increase productivity.
  21. Cleaning the office on a daily basis with gomutra (cow’s urine) as it increases positivity, brings good opportunities. 
  22. Keeping water fountain in water zone increases money flow
  23. Avoid having plants or water bodies in the South West direction.
  24. Keep fresh flowers and change them regularly.
  25. Burn incense sticks regularly.

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Owner should sit in the exact South-west zone of the premises.Mandir should be in the North-east direction. Cash counter in South-East direction.

South-East is the zone of money, therefor cash counter is best suitable here as per Vastu shastra

Entrance should be in an auspicious zone of any 4 directions 

Vastu Shastra recommends money plant in North zone, owners desk in south west direction & cash counter in south-east direction gives best result for business growth

The Vastu tips provided here serve as a foundation for businesses of all genres. However, we recognize the significance of tailoring Vastu solutions to meet the unique needs and characteristics of each business category.

Colors should be according to zones in which the cabin is located.

Avoid sad, fighting and destruction paintings. Hang happy , inspirational paintings around.

According to Vastu Shastra, certificates & trophies should be hung in the South zone for fame and success and avoid black frame to it.

South-west is the best zone for locker.Keep important documents and cash in it. Avoid red & blue colour lockers here.

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