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Vastu Consultant In the USA – Online Vastu Expert For Home

We see in the USA that we are very passionate about our home interior that's very well planned. It is according to our weather conditions we also make use of technology in almost every corner of our homes and also outside of our home. As we are inclining more towards technology we also see a great rise towards Vastu Shastra. However Vastu consultant in the USA in (New Jersey, Texas, California, Washington) is gaining at a good pace. We see it is a trend that everyone wants to improve the vibe of their space where they live.

There are a lot of homeowners who are now turning to ancient Indian practices for their home called vastu shastra. This vastu shastra brings positivity, good vibes, tranquility to their homes. While Vastu originated in India thousands of years ago, its principles of spatial arrangement, design, and orientation can be applied to homes across cultures, including American homes.

Vastu shastra (Science of Architecture) is made up of 5 elements i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Space. Each object on the planet is made up of these 5 elements. Combination of these 5 elements creates life experience of a person residing in that space / working in that space.

Increasing Influence of Vastu Consultant in the USA

As we see a lot of Indians residing in the USA, the demand keeps increasing. Due to cultural differences people want to include Indian rituals into their daily routine and want to feel like home they can take the help of vastu shastra to cleanse the aura of their house and feel energize, get the good vibes, and positive atmosphere in their home. It is also believed that people buy homes in the USA which are built according to vastu.

Surprisingly even non-Indians are following these rituals to get most of the benefits from their home with vastu shastra..

Staying away from the family and all their loved ones, one wants to stay focused on their work and be positive in their life. Vastu for their home can be one of the perfect solutions for all. Vastu also significantly influences your decisions when buying a new house or facing any problems in your current house.

Implement Vastu Principles for your Home in the USA

With the help of vastu you will be able to locate the root cause of the problems and you will be able to solve them.It will help you to manifest your dreams, achieve your targets at your work as well as in your personal life.

Our vastu experts specialize in research-based vastu recommendation by working on 16 directions of your home in the USA. Our expert furnish you with a comprehensive report containing their suggestions, along with detailed recommendations and precise solutions.

Vastu Process We Follow

Meet and Discuss: Usually we believe in meeting our client on site to check house energy and discuss their issues, but sometimes it is not feasible to meet we discuss their issues online via phone or a video meeting whichever is preferred.

Drafting Layout: After discussion we draft your home layout, from details shared by you / taken by us while site visit we also take the help of advanced technologies to get accurate directions of your home.

First Step Solutions: We do 3 step methods to heal the house as energies are imbalanced. We balance at the first level and then give you the exact remedies.

Vastu Solutions for Your Home in the USA

However vastu shastra was developed originally in India but its concepts can be implemented in the USA homes with total accuracy. What is more important that implementing the vastu principles with a skilled vastu consultant from the USA ensures that the remedies are tailored made considering the local conditions

Orientation and Layout: We suggest home layout as per the vastu, what should be placed in which direction.

Room Functionality: Kitchen placement or your gas placement considering the best position for your home. Where you should place your cupboard or bed that suits you and your profession and many more.

Color and Decor: Which color to be placed in what direction, what colors are good in your fire element, what color suits the water element.

Natural Elements: Where you should place the plants in your home, which direction is good for your growth. What plants to be kept in which direction will bring good wealth and health.

Note: These are just few examples that is mentioned above, we examined each and every inch of the house as every inch matters.

Results of Vastu Shastra

What Sets Me Apart from the Rest

I am specialized in providing vastu solutions without demolition and at zero to minimum cost ensuring that my clients get a trouble free experience.

Having consulted over 400 clients worldwide, my vastu expertise have extended beyond the borders helping individuals online in countries like the India, USA, New Zealand, Bahrain, and Dubai.

I provide alternative and flexible remedies to most of your problems with path-breaking methods based on 16 directions.

Vastu Services we Provide

Vastu for Businesses

Vastu for Business

Vastu for Hospital and Clinics

Vastu for Hospitals

Vastu for Cafe Restaurants

Vastu for Cafes

Vastu for Factory

Vastu for Factories

Vastu for Showroom

Vastu for Showrooms

Vastu for Home House

Vastu for Home

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