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Vastu Consultant in Pune and Mumbai

When selecting a Vastu consultant, it’s essential to know what qualities to look for. Whether you’re seeking a Vastu consultant in Pune, Mumbai, or any other location globally, I suggest considering the following key points.

First of all look from where they have learnt Vastu shastra, who was the person who taught them about vastu.
Nowadays, there are many self-proclaimed Vastu experts who may have taken online courses or learned from videos on platforms like Instagram. We want to emphasize the importance of not blindly trusting them.

Take some time to research who these individuals are, what they’ve accomplished in the Vastu Shastra, and how successful their projects have been. Your future could be affected by the results they deliver, so it’s worth looking into before making any decisions. ​

Experienced Vastu Consultant in Pune & Mumbai

With 4+ years of experience we have consulted more than 400+ projects across the globe. We have not only worked in India but completed Vastu projects across 4 different countries like the USA, New Zealand, Bahrain, and Dubai. If needed We also provide interior solutions according to Vedic Vastu shastra principles.

One of our specialties is we provide vastu solutions WITHOUT ANY DEMOLITION, we ensure a quick and trouble free experience to our clients. However every client's situations are different hence we offer solutions to our clients needs.

We examine all 16 directions of your house moving beyond your old traditional method everyone knows of 4 or 8 directions. We make a report (Layout/Plan) of your space and accordingly we provide the Vastu remedies.

We make sure our remedies work for our clients and they get authentic and true vastu solutions. We also provide Vastu Shastra services online too if it is not possible to visit your location.

Type of Vastu Expertise We Hold

We offer a comprehensive range of Vastu Shastra services across different spaces to balance your life and work spaces. From selecting your dream home to the perfect plot for your factories to commercial shops and designing or optimizing your beautiful home. List of vastu expertise we provide.

How Do We Work

Meet and

We start by meeting you at your space to understand your problems, type of your space and location. During this meeting we understand what type of service you are looking for whether it's solely Vastu or combination of Interior and Vastu Shastra. If meeting face-to-face is not possible we can connect online as we have successfully completed a number of projects remotely. This builds trust and ensures our credibility to work with you.

Analyze Your

Once we inspect your space we need to check the energy of your space, energy surrounding your space, in which direction your space is aligned.


We take the measurements of your space utilizing the photographs or video as needed, to capture every detail for crafting a layout that aligns with your desired colors and arrangement of your area. The layout is meticulously designed, considering the 16 directions, and during discussions about your concerns, we provide remedies tailored to your specific needs.


We will share high precision remedies after diagnosing the root cause of your problems. Following the implementation of these remedies, we conduct a review after 21 days to assess their effectiveness, and based on the outcome, we continue working with you.

We work in 4 phases
1. Balancing your Imbalance space
2. Remedies (16 Types)
3. Advanced Astro Vastu Remedies
4. Daivik & Aasuri energies (Devtas Remedy)

However 95% of your problems get solved between 1 & 2 phases only. All this process takes up-to 3-4 days depending upon the problems and area.

Quick bite about Pune

Pune, a vibrant and the 2nd biggest city with a rich blend of tradition and modern culture, is an ideal place for anyone who wants to explore Maharashtrian culture. Known for its cultural heritage and rapid urban development, Pune offers a unique canvas for incorporating these ancient architectural principles into contemporary living spaces.

A skilled Vastu Shastra consultant in Pune can seamlessly integrate the city’s dynamic energy with the traditional wisdom of Vastu, fostering a harmonious and balanced environment. 

Now that you know how to choose the right Vastu consultant, please take the necessary steps to finalize your decision.


It's important to verify the educational background of the Vastu expert, examine the number of projects they've successfully undertaken, and how many years of experience they hold in Vastu Shastra.

We follow a very brief method as we need to know the root cause of their problem so it works in 4 phases.

  1. Meet & Discover: We connect at your space, in person or online, to understand your needs and establish trust.
  2. Space Analysis: We inspect your space, evaluating energy and alignment direction.
  3. Detailed Report: Using photos or videos, we design a layout with tailored remedies based on your concerns.
  4. Instant Solutions: High-precision remedies are provided, with a follow-up after 21 days, resolving most issues in 1-2 phases within 3-4 days.

The time frame depends on you when you complete the remedies recommended by the vastu shastra expert. If you have completed everything that has been told to you then it takes a minimum of 21 days to 45 days. 

Yes we do provide vastu shastra services online we have completed multiple projects all over India & in other countries like USA, New Zealand, Bahrain, and Dubai

We specialize in offering Vastu solutions that require No Demolition. Our goal is to provide clients with a quick and hassle-free experience with best results.

The cost of hiring a Vastu consultant in Pune depends on the specific area of your space where Vastu remedies are required. Factors such as the size and complexity of the space. Additionally, the level of expertise and experience of the Vastu expert can also play a role in determining the pricing

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