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Vastu Shastra for East Facing House: Best Tips and Remedies


Vastu Shastra [Science of Architecture] can significantly influence your decision when buying a new house or you are facing any problems in your current house. Many homeowners and new buyers nowadays consult vastu expert to ensure their home conforms according to vastu. 

It is mostly believed that east-facing house is very auspicious. So, how can you determine if your house is east-facing? If you exit your house and you are facing east, that means your house or a plot is east facing. To know more important points for east-facing house then keep reading the article till the end.

Where Should be the Kitchen for East-Facing House as per Vastu?

Ideally south-east zone is ideal zone for Kitchen because fire element is of south-east direction therefore fire related activities are ideal here. 

If you have kitchen in any other direction but installing specific stone can be beneficial and will give results, you can connect with us to know which stone support which direction.

Where Should be Puja Room/Mandir for East-Facing House as per Vastu?

Ideally it is best that the pooja room should be in the north-east zone, because sun rises in north east plus north-east zone is considered as vastu purush’s head. Hence head related activities like meditation, puja, prayer room etc. are ideal in this direction.

However if your puja room or mandir is in any other direction then you can connect with us  

Important Points to Consider for East Facing House 

  •  Vastu shastra Consists of 5 Elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Space
  • Main entrance door should be the biggest door of the house.
  • Avoid Grey & Yellow color at the East entrance.
  • The East zone is dominated by Air element.
  •  In Vastu Shastra, the compass direction is a big deal. We need to make sure our plot is facing true north and not veering off in some other direction.
  • The planning as per Vastu shastra is all dependent on the degree of north direction.
  • Your home compound & built area entrances should be in the east direction, it is beneficial for people in PoliticsGovernment sectorsBusinessmen also we need to align it with the astrological charts & buyers/owners element needs to be checked even before selecting a plot and planning entrance, etc. 
  • Mandir/pooja room should be in the North-east zone.
  • To multiply the positive energy of East facing plots one should insert certain elements in the plot in specific quantities.
  • The Brahmasthan needs to be activated to maintain positivity.
  • Maximum windows should be on the North & East side.

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